About Us

Thank you for stopping by. C&C Productions has been actively involved in audio production services for coming up on 8 years. We are a small, faith-based group that focuses on the technical production aspect for church services, conferences, and theatrical productions. We have been involved in many events, at many different venues, ranging from small gatherings to large 1000+ attendee conferences, providing audio and technical support services. As a support service, we don't actually provide equipment, though this is an option in the future, but the means to operate the equipment. Because of this, we have experience and product knowledge on almost every brand of professional equipment on the market today. We also have a rapport with equipment rental firms in the Houston metro area, such as SRS Systems, to meet your rental needs.

We have worked with many organizations with crews ranging from just our staff to several groups of technicians. We are a people of integrity, dedicated to bringing His Word to all people through the audio/visual platform. Most services we provide are for non-commercial organizations, and we do not charge up front fees for those services. If the event is commercial, you will find our rates very reasonable. For more information about our range of technical services, please see our Services page.

The bottom line? We have the experience, skills, and resources to make your event come to fruition. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our Staff

Corey Terrell
[email protected]
Our founder has over 10 years of experience behind him. As the senior technician, he is responsible for the audio production of events and conferences. He has produced conferences all over the Houston area, and has been a technical advisor for other events and venues across the state of Texas.


Cory DuBose
[email protected]
Our co-founder and technical coordinator, has over 5 years experience. He has produced several digital recordings from live events that are used for archival purposes, as well as digital mixing and editing. He also coordinates audio taping of keynote speakers and other events.


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